Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Live from 36000 Feet - How to deploy the Vordel Gateway in Multiple Environments

First of all, a quick acknowledgement of my lack of blogging. Life at Vordel has been really fast paced, and I've been traveling the country working on a lot of interesting use cases with some really great customers. I'm flying from San Diego to San Francisco, and this flight has WiFi, so I guess I'm out of excuses.

A quick note on feature that was added in 6.0.3 - This is the ability to externalize attribute values in the gateway's per environment. The file can be found in the $VINSTDIR\conf directory. The text below, from the file explains how to use it.
# This file is read when the server starts up. If a server configuratio
n contains a value in the format
# ${env.X}, where X is any string (for example, MyCustomSetting), this file MUST contain an equivalent
# name-value pair of env.MyCustomSetting=MyCustomValue.
# When the server starts up, every occurrence of env.MyCustomSetting is expanded to the value of MyCustomValue.
# For example, if a port in the server configuration is set to ${env.LISTENER_PORT}, specifying a name-value
# pair of env.LISTENER_PORT=8080 results in the server opening up port 8080 at start up.

Here we see the corresponding configuration in the Policy Studio

This is a very simple. but powerful approach for configuring the gateway to work across environments. It also aligns nicely with most enterprises existing approach for moving configurations among environments.

Looks like I forgot to charge my battery, and no AC power on the flight, so this is going to have to be a short post :)