Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Securely Integrate Web Services in an Enterprise Environment

I spent the bulk of today updating the technical sales presentations for some upcoming training that we're giving in Boston. While brainstorming about the key messages to deliver to customers, I came across this cartoon.

It's admittedly a little silly, but I really like the core concept of the story. The idea is that the quality of the XML Gateway solution is not strictly about speeds and feeds, but the ability of the product to work across teams to deliver real value. This is not some slight of hand - look over here at this other stuff - the performance of the Vordel Gateway is "unbelievably good" - but simply an observation about the challenges that customers face in deploying a solution like this. I drew inspiration from this presentation, so if and when you see the technical presentation, you may recognize some of the themes. As for the presentation in its raw form, I think its more "appropriate" as a web video. Enjoy!

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