Friday, March 4, 2011

Minutes from the Boston Chapter of the CSA's first Board Meeting

After many scheduling challenges, we had our first CSA Boston Chapter Board Meeting. The "Board" consists of me (Vordel), Prateek Mishra (Oracle),Matthew Gardiner (CA), and Kevin Fox (Cisco). A really good session for planning out the year. Here's the basic thinking:

- Divide the CSA guidance into 4 units and have 1 meeting focused around each unit
- The events will be about 2 hours - 1 hour on high-level information contained in the CSA guidance and 1 hour on a lower level details of someone who is actually living/implementing the scenario
- We'll rotate the location among CA, Oracle and Cisco locations - basically 128/495

The next steps are to have Matt, since it was his idea, to group the domains into the four meeting "buckets", and for us to meet again in two weeks to start the planning of the 1st meeting - targeted for some time in April.

Once we get the meeting "themes" worked out, we'll be publishing them with some tentative dates, and we'll be issuing a pseudo "call for speakers". Ultimately we're looking to have some really interesting speakers and presentations that are worth the trip - but for that to happen we'll need everyone's help. Ping any of the board members if you have a topic to suggest (aligned with the CSA Guidance) or a speaker that you think would be good.

We're also open to any other suggestions/guidance that people may have, so don't hesitate to speak up.

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