Friday, April 22, 2011

Finalized Agenda for First Meeting of the Boston Chapter of CSA - NOTE: NEW LOCATION

I've got the agenda for the first meeting of the Boston Chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance.

When: Wednesday April 27, 2011 - 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Where: CA Offices in Framingham, MA
Agenda: Two presentations, each with their own unique and insightful perspectives on the topic of cloud security.

Presentation #1: Cloud Computing Risks

Speaker Bio:

Bhargav Shah is a Director within KPMG Advisory practice. He has over 12 years of experience as a trusted advisor to C-level and Senior IT leadership having led multiple engagements in Outsourcing, Cloud Computing, IT Solution Delivery/Application Development, Process Engineering, and IT Services Management. Mr. Shah regularly speaks at conferences and IT leadership forums on various topics related to Outsourcing and Cloud Computing. He also leads KPMG’s solution development initiatives related to IT implications of cloud computing.


As the paradigms of technology consumption change, cloud computing is at the forefront of an IT transformation providing infrastructure, platforms, and software as services to the business. While some call it a technology fad, the pervasive buzz around cloud computing is here to stay. Cloud computing provides many benefits but introduces just as many risks. Successful organizations must understand and mitigate these risks to get more out of their cloud computing initiatives.

In this session, Bhargav Shah will share his insights on the types of risk you need to be aware of while utilizing cloud computing, how they vary by cloud model you use (Public vs. Private) and what controls you can consider to mitigate some of these risks associated with cloud computing.

Presentation #2: Cloud Computing and it’s impact of Identity & Access Management (IAM) Infrastructure

Speaker Bio:

Robert Levine brings more than 25 years of technology management experience to SENA Systems that includes significant customer and vendor side enterprise software and knowledge. Robert has served as SENA’s President & CEO since 2001 and with the SENA management team has overseen its growth in the US, Europe, Asia and the India operations center as well as its merger in March of 2008 with aurionPro Solutions LTD. Robert presently holds the position of President of aurionPro Solutions Inc as well as the head of the SENA Systems business unit. Prior to joining SENA Systems, Robert worked for Venture Consulting Group, Inc. a provider of management services to early stage and restructuring companies, as a strategic business advisor to both public and private companies.

Robert previously served as the VP of Business Development for Transindigo, a startup e-infrastructure company providing mission critical solutions for securely managing transactional entitlements and authorizations that was sold to RSA. Robert also served as the co-concept originator, interim CEO and technical advisor to Transindigo prior to its launch in January 2000. Prior to Transindigo, Robert served as Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Strategic Ventures and as Managing Director in Bankers Trust's Technology and Operations Group where he was a member of the management team responsible for Global Technology Infrastructure. Robert served on the board of IQ Financial, a global software supplier of front, middle and back-office financial services technology selling to global financial firms that was later sold to Misys. He also served as the technical advisory board of mFormation a wireless network management products and services company. Robert was a founding member and Vice President of SIMC, a nonprofit organization, that focused on advancing the capabilities of middleware in the financial services industry. Robert is a strong believer of community service and currently serves in a Line Officer capacity as Sergeant of his local community EMS Rescue Squad


No conference, seminar or a CXO level technology roadmap meeting today is complete withouta discussion on Cloud Computing. Every organization is asking the question – how could, would and should cloud computing impact or influence their plans related to IAM.

In SENA’ talk on Cloud Computing we will discuss the following considerations:

· Two Fold impact of Cloud Computing on IAM Services

o Protecting cloud based applications with should IAM Services.

o Providing IAM Services over a Cloud infrastructure.

· IAM Infrastructure

o Considerations related to Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service including SENA’s plans regarding such offerings.

o Differentiating the advantages and challenges related to

§ Identity Management

§ Access Management

· A frank assessment of where the security industry is with regards to Cloud offerings.

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